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Welcome to HospitalityVision and “Smart Hospitality”

Contact-free Smart Guest Information for less than the cost of Print Directories. 

Provide your hotel guests with an in room welcome TV  hotel information channel or digital Guest Services Directory.   With our custom mobile phone and tablet app, guests can then take the Directory OUT of the room and connect with you 24/7.  We can provide your hotel or retirement residence with a virtual 24/7 TV and/or mobile concierge.  Replace your print guest services directory or print materials with our TV and interactive mobile product for hotels, resorts, Visitor Centers and lobbies.  In this time of crisis, provide safety travel tips and show soothing videos and other calming content.   

Now is the time for you to provide your guests or residence with a mobile app, or a virtual companion to stay in touch 24/7 with your amenities – add wellness, virtual experiences and tours,  and relaxing experiences to your app. We are your “smart hospitality” innovators. Check out how we are featured in the latest Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association Publication

Our Services

Our in room hotel TV Guest Directory/Welcome Channel and custom hotel app will provide your hotel with a TV and mobile version of your Guest Services Directory to upsell your hotel 24/7 and keep your guests safe with contact free communication at less than the cost of print materials.  If you have a TV in each room, put it to work for you with your custom hotel channel, upselling your property.

And,  give your guests a pocket concierge or CUSTOM HOTEL APP to connect with your property even before they arrive. We can provide your hotel with:

Amazing Features

  • Mobile City Visitors App

    Guest connect with your city anytime anywhere.

  • TV + Mobile

    Guests connect with your hotel in and out of the room.

  • Concierge ToGo

    Guests can take the guest services directory.

  • Messaging system

    Free in app messaging system. Touchless communication.

  • Pillow Talk

    Guests can use our apps to order the pillow of their choice.

  • Game

    Hotel racer game available for guests.

  • Food Delivery

    Food delivered is one of the most amenities requested by guests.

  • Workout

    Your guests can find professional workout videos on your Guide ToGo.

Download the Mobile App

Welcome to Concierge To Go for iPhone! When you stay at one of our participating hotels, you have a full-time personal, digital, virtual concierge assist you 24/7.

Download our app, enter your hotel code and ring a bell to meet your hotel’s personalized concierge and get your hotel guest directory on your phone. Use Concierge ToGo to tour your hotel, explore hotel amenities, hotel happenings, your conference meeting times, order room service.

Our Clients