AI Virtual Chatbot

We can create a custom AI 3D Chatbot for your hotel mobile or TV app in any likeness to take care of all guest related inquiries from pre-arrival to arrival.

Let us create a custom 3-D Chatbot for you in any image to represent your hotel and your niche. We can place your chatbot in any location the metaverse.

Why is an Ai chatbot virtual concierge so important to your hotel and the future?

1)Guest Questions:  Your chatbot can take care of all of the guest related inquiries between pre-arrival to arrival. Al can answer guest questions 24/7 about hotel amenities, and providing links to booking channels; facilitating direct booking for the guests. 

2)Enhanced Room Service: AI-based chatbots can eliminate the need for hotel guests to interact with hotel staff, instead, establishing a virtual interaction through your hotel TV or mobile app. Our chatbots and apps make it easy for the guests to perform tasks like ordering meals, blankets, pillows, report maintenance issues, receiving recommendations on sightseeing, local shops and restaurants, booking a massage or kayaking trip, calling a shuttle, and more.

Your property can cut down on time, capital and human labor considerably. Free up your staff for more complex tasks.

Upselling Opportunities:  A custom chatbot can easily cross-sell and upsell hotel services like your market, restaurant, meeting and wedding venues. Chatbots like Al can send hyper-personalized messages through push notifications and questions.  Our chatbots track customer preferences.

Fun Guest Experience:  Your Custom Chatbot Concierge can converse and entertain your guests with jokes, daily affirmations, and more.  

Keeping in Touch Even after Check out: The custom chatbots can also engage with the guests even after they have checked out. 

AI-driven chatbots can essentially perform iterative tasks previously done by the hotel staff. While chatbot take care of the monotonous requests, the hotel staff can engage in more productive tasks – while a chatbot like Al is bonding with your guests, providing efficient guest communication and exceptional customer service with no labor costs; the smartest revenue-generating technology for the hospitality industry.  We can help you do this at a great rate.