SUPER Hotel App

90% of hotel guests want a mobile app during their stay instead of having to interact with a person.  

Let’s make your guests happy with a mobile personal assistant while you free up staff time and save labor costs. Plus, no more hard to maintain print guest directories or multiple brochures or several different websites and messaging systems. Our app puts everything in ONE place. 

About Our SUPER Hotel App

Not only does an app provide safe, touchless communication and saves print and labor costs, it can be updated immediately anytime anywhere. A presence on the App Store and Google Play will provide increased search engine optimization and separate you from the competition.  

We can create quick custom menus for your app, for example Poolside, Ice-Cream, Beer, Cocktail, Lunch, Breakfast, Pillows, etc….and tie them to your payment system. 

Guests can use Your Custom App or in-room TV/lobby display to:

Guests can access app download info by scanning a simple QR code in the room.
We can create food and item order forms for your property.
FREE iPad version with every app for a lobby kiosk.

  • Tour all of your hotel services & amenities
  • Explore local dining options & menus
  • Tip your housekeeping staff
  • See your restaurant and “market” menus
  • Order room service & make reservations
  • Get real time notifications about hotel events
  • Make reservations for your spa, gym and pool
  • Use as a sales tool to post meetings & events
  • Leave a virtual tip for your housekeepers with Tip & Go ®
  • Send a digital poscard
  • Message the front desk staff 24/7*
  • Access their wedding planner*
  • Connect with the property before they arrive*
  • Check out  – NEW EZ CHECK OUT*
  • Order unique market items, desserts, sleep kits, or pillows*
    (*on app)
  • VIRTUAL MINI BAR – Guests can order from your list of cocktails
  • Virtual AI Chatbot with Every Custom App