My CarePal® Mobile Senior App

Keep your residents connected with your property, family, friends, and your local community. With Our My CarePal App, your residents will always have virtual “company” at one touch.   Eliminate daily paper menus and newsletters to save valuable resources and staff time.

Residents moving into your retirement homes now have mobile phones and tablets, put them to use with your custom My CarePal® mobile App.


The reinvention of retirement is happening now in vibrant, social communities across the country. Retirement living is catering to a generation that wants more out of life, and expects that lifestyle to deliver for decades to come, including the use of new technologies and constant entertainment and communication. 

Our My CarePal App will give your residents instant access to program scheduling, family and friends, social media, local events, messaging, activity opt-ins, and daily menus all in one place. It’s time for all retirement communities to focus on creating user-friendly platforms that ensure the new technology enriches the resident experience. We can bring this experience in each and every room or apartment. Zoom meetings, virtual tours, virtual Happy Hours and video chats with friends and family have become standard operating procedure during the pandemic for seniors, making them more reliant on technology. This contact-free, yet connected trend is likely to continue as the pandemic numbers rise and fall over the next years.

We can work with almost any cable or satellite provider NOW. Plus, as you move away from cable, we can then place My CarePal on each TV as an App one by one.   All App Links Customizable to Your Residence. 

My CarePal

Get the new CarePal™ app for your residents so they can use the app to:
  • Enjoy All Your Amenities
  • Get Health Care Tips
  • List their prescriptions, exercise routine, special diet, etc.
  • Watch Exercise and Craft Videos
  • Check Out Daily Menus
  • Check Weather Forecast
  • Connect on Social Media with Family and Friends
  • Watch meditation videos
  • Message the Staff
  • Make a Salon Appointment
  • Call a Shuttle
  • Connect with local dining and shopping
  • Chat with AI Chatbot Cora

“With My CarePal, You’ve Got Company.®”