Concierge ToGo Hotel App and Custom Hotel App


Hire A Full Time Virtual Concierge For Your Hotel WITH OUR MOBILE GUEST SERVICES DIRECTORY

Our “Concierge To Go” hotel app will provide your hotel with a mobile vesion of the Guest Services Directory and a custom, personalized virtual concierge. Or, we can submit a custom app for you, Using your new phone app available on Android, the iPhone, the iPad and other mobile devices guests can remotely review your hotel amenities, hotel layout, check meeting times, remote print, agendas, play games, enjoy entertainment, book more room nights, and find your partner restaurants, shops and attractions, too. We will help you design your own, personal concierge! Update information immediately on all four platforms! Guests simply check into a hotel, download the app or scan an NFC or QR code, enter a hotel code, and ring a bell to meet their personal concierge. NEW! Send a postcard from your phone! Download our Concierge To-Go phone app info sheet.


Imagine how guest will feel greeted by a concierge when they check in their hotel and are greeted by their very own concierge and can take the Guest Directory OUT of the room.

Here are many reasons you should send your guests information about your virtual concierge app even before they arrive – industry leaders agree and this is the best way to reach the new millennial travelers.

Every concierge is created just for each hotel to create personal connections in an impersonal world – some look like the owners, some were created with community contests, some were historical area pioneers,  and some are even superheros…

Our new HospitalityVision Concierge ToGo ®  mobile app for hotels helps build a relationship between the hotel and guest even before they arrive by showcasing hotel amenities and helping them booking a spa appt in advance, make dinner reservations early, connect with the hotel on Twitter, TripAdvisor/Facebook, link to the hotel’s booking site to check their reservations, send a digital postcard and even play a free game. Hotels and restaurants can even post daily specials to entice guests out of the room to buy services on all platforms with one touch. Industry leaders agree,

For example, Guests can be coming back from a bike ride or sightseeing tour and have pizza delivered on arrival or dinner reservations at that new local restaurant using their app. Long business meeting? They can use the app to book a massage. Need a shuttle to their airport fast? Use the app with the direct call shuttle link. Call the front desk for housekeeping? Use the app. Your virtual concierge is there 24/7. Hungry at midnight? Order food. Forget a toothbrush? Call the front desk. Plus, it links to every hotel’s corporate booking website/app to help with corporate branding and make the impersonal, personal.

It can even replace an outdated, hard to maintain print directory. You can even have a laminated channel guide or welcome letter in each room with your concierge greeting guests and inviting them to download the app.

You can include hotel app info  in your booking confirmation letters to your guests with your QR code and login code.  Most younger millennial and global travelers don’t like to ask for directions and use their smartphones for everything – time is valuable.


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