BnB ToGo

WITH BnB ToGo, YOUR BnB can have a full time concierge – or two (TM)

iPhone, Android, Fire Phone, mobile web, and iPad Our “BnB ToGo” hotel app will provide your hotel with a custom, personalized virtual concierge.

Using your new phone concierge app, guests can get your key entry code, remotely review your bed and breakfast amenities, book more room nights, find your partner restaurants, shops and attractions and more.

NEW – Pillow Talk

guests can use our messaging system to choose their own special pillow

We will help you design your own, personal concierge! Update information immediately on all four platforms! Guests simply check into your BnB, download the app or scan an NFC or QR code, enter a hotel code and enter your BnB.
If you are not there to greet your guests, YOUR BnB Concierge is.

Here are many reasons you should send your guests information about your virtual concierge app even before they arrive – industry leaders agree and this is the best way to reach the new millennial travelers.

Pillow Talk in Action

Every concierge is created just for each BnB to create personal connections in an impersonal world.

Our new Bed and Breakfast BnB ToGo  mobile app  helps BnB’s create a relationship between the BnB and guests even before they arrive when owners send app download info ahead of time with conformation email. The app showcases BnB amenities and helps guests book a spa appt in advance to ensure an appt, make dinner reservations early, plan an itinerary, connect with the hotel on Twitter, TripAdvisor/Facebook, link to the BnB’s booking site to check their reservations, send a digital postcard and even play a free game.  BnB owners can post a special, personal welcome to their guests and post instant messages or notes from anywhere, anytime.

For example, Guests coming back from a bike ride or sightseeing tour can have pizza delivered on arrival or dinner reservations at that new local restaurant using their app. Long business meeting? They can use the app to book a massage. Need a shuttle to their airport fast? Use the app with the direct call shuttle link. Call the front desk for housekeeping? Use the app. Your virtual concierge is there 24/7. Hungry at midnight? Order food.  Biking trails? Limo Tours?

You can include BnB app info  in your booking confirmation letters to your guests with your QR code and login code.  Most younger millennial and global travelers don’t like to ask for directions and use their smartphones for everything – time is valuable.