Retirement Communities

Hospitality Vision provides retirement home residences and medical facilities with a full time information channel, eliminating the need for hundreds of daily newsletters or flyers.
Residents can now get all the information about what’s happening in their community 24/7. Daily menus, activities and emergency notifications are one click away on the TV.

Use Your Own Facility In-Room TV channel to:

  • Educate and Inform residents 24/7
  • Showcase facility amenities
  • Post daily meeting and activity times
  • Eliminate the need for daily flyers delivered to rooms
  • Display daily menus and dining information
  • Show weather forecast
  • Show movies at designated times
  • Provide seasonal health care tips
  • Live stream facility events for those residents that cannot attend
  • Send out emergency information and updates on each screen regarding icy conditions, power outages, etc
  • It’s like having a 24/7 assistant available in each room for your residents and patients
  • One time investment starting at $1695 ($1595 for Comcast Business Customers) installed with professional, custom branded graphics and software training*

*additional hardware may be needed and channel can be maintained for you

Take it one step further and provide your residents with their very own app to message the front desk and check menus, activities 24/7 and receive push notifications anytime/anywhere. 

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