Hire a Full-Time Concierge for Your Hotel

New multi-platform phone app!

Now your hotel can hire a full-time digital concierge starting at only $99.00 a month. “Concierge To Go” will provide your hotel with a custom, personalized digital concierge .Using your new phone app available on Android, the iPhone and other smartphones, guests can remotely review your hotel amenities, hotel layout, check meeting times, agendas, play games, enjoy entertainment, book more room nights, and find your partner restaurants, shops and attractions, too. We will help you design your own concierge!

Guests simply check into a hotel, download the app or scan a QR code, enter a hotel code, and ring a bell to meet their personal concierge.

The information on your Concierge To Go Directory mirrors the digital guest directory on the TV.

Check out a sample in iTunes

With HospitalityVision, you can take the directory out of the room and your concierge goes wherever you go.

Download our Concierge To-Go phone sheet here.

Download both apps right here: