Be Our Guide ToGo Food Delivery Partner

Our new mobile Guest Directory replaces the outdated, hard to maintain print guest directories in the rooms with a Welcome Card, directing guests to the mobile Guide ToGo, with your menu on the back.

This mobile guest directory allows guests to order room service from you, tour the hotel, book a room, call a taxi, check all our amenities, print documents, request a wake-up call or pillow, check local events, get travel tips, send a digital postcard. 80% of travelers prefer this information on their mobile device now and 60% of hotel guests order pizza or delivery food. That’s many, many pizzas every day!! These hotel guests don’t have kitchens and the number one question they ask is “where do we eat?” We send them to you

/Room Service on our app

This Welcome Card is the ONLY informational piece in each and every room. The mobile app would link to your menu, online ordering, phone, social media, etc! Unlike an annoying pop up or banner ad that most mobile device users block now, we provide the guest with branded content – an exclusive recommendation from the hotel to only you!

Your investment is just $1 a day to $99 a month with an additional small setup fee and that includes your menu on the in-room welcome card and you will be our exclusive room service provider on our mobile Guide ToGo.

To sign up, email Sapana